The Best Croissants West of Paris!

The Best Croissants West of Paris!

** Before placing your order, please inform us if a person in your party has a food allergy.** Thank you.


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Croissants, Chocolate Croissants, Danishes, Apple Turnovers, Brioche Feuilletee,

Frenagels(tm), French Donuts, Bronuts, Mini Croissants and Danishes,

Buttermilk Biscuits, Almond Croissant, Almond Chocolate Croissant, Almond Brioche,


Buttermilk Scones, Muffins, Sfigadelle, Savory Croissants: Ham/Swiss, Bacon/Cheddar,

Turkey Cheddar, French Onion, Artichoke/Goat Cheese


Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Coffee, Tea forte, Hot Chocolate, Iced Coffee


Fresh Artisan Breads everyday, Ciabattas, Tom Cat Baguettes, Brick Oven Breads,

  Focaccia, Brioche, Challah


Over 25 different Cookies to choose from!


French Macaroons, Truffles, Sarah Bernhardt's, Gluten Free, Pignolia, Rainbows, Brownies,

Mini Pastries, Linzers, Pies: Apple/Pecan/Pumpkin, Cobblers, Paysannes, Eclair, Napoleon,

Cannoli, Opera, Creme Brulee



 Spinach/Shiitake mushrooms/Swiss, ~ Tomato/Basil/Asiago Cheese,  Broccoli/Cheddar,

Bacon/Sausage/Ham/Potatoes/Cheddar ~ Leek & Onion/Swiss ~ Lorraine Ham Bacon, 

Mac & Cheese/Peas/Swiss/Gruyere/Cheddar/Asiago,     

Artichoke/Goat Cheese/Tomato/Parsley,



Classic French Lemon tart with chocolate garnish or topped with an Italian Meringue,

Key Lime with dollops of Bavarian whipped cream, Red Delicious Apples baked in custard,

Pears baked in Almond Cream,

Mixed Berries with custard on a chocolate coated tart shell.

Strawberry/Kiwi/Blackberry with custard on a rum soaked almond cream tart shell.

Raspberry and Black Figs (seasonal) with custard on a chocolate coated tart shell.

Salted Caramel topped with a Belgian chocolate ganache.



American Cheesecake

 Cream cheese lightened with a French Meringue baked on golden graham cracker crumbs and topped with fresh berries.


Black and White Mousse

It starts with a layer of chocolate genoise that is topped with a 72% dark chocolate Belgian mousse. Add  Belgian white chocolate mousse and wrap it with dark semi-sweet Belgian chocolate. 


Black Forest Cake

3 layers of cherry brandy soaked chocolate genoise, filled with bavarian whipped cream and brandied cherries from France. Topped with a layer of chocolate ganache and chocolate shavings.


Cannoli Cake

3 layers of vanilla genoise filled with fresh ricotta cannoli cream and chocolate chips. Covered in bavarian whipped cream, cannoli and chocolate shavings.


Carrot Cake

 A fiorello classic made with fresh farmed carrots, walnuts and spice. 4 Layers of naked Carrot Cake filled with our delicious cream cheese frosting.


Chocolate Strawberry Cake

A layer of chocolate genoise to start, with whipped chocolate ganache, another layer of chocolate genoise with bavarian whipped cream and fresh strawberries showing their colors on the naked sided cake. topped with a layer of chocolate ganache, chocolate deco and glazed strawberries. 


Chocolate Truffle

3 layers of chocolate genoise filled with Dutch chocolate mousseline cream and covered in a Belgian Chocolate Ganache.


Coconut Amaretto Cake

3 Layers of vanilla genoise, filled with Amaretto creme brulee, covered in bavarian whipped cream and topped with sweetened coconut flakes.


Flour Less Chocolate Cake

Gluten Free! A mix of 64% and 72% Belgian chocolates and high fat butter make this rich, dense, fudgy sensation perfect to pair with fresh fruit, coffee or a glass of your favorite red wine. 


Hazelnut Praline Meringue

Layers of chocolate coated hazelnut meringue discs on the top and bottom. Filled with Kahlua flavored whip cream with pieces of roasted hazelnut pralines and meringue. 


Italian Cheesecake

Made with fresh Ricotta cheese, mascarpone and sour cream. Baked to a souffled perfection on golden graham cracker crumbs.


Napoleon Cake

3 layers of our own puff pastry rolled to multi-layered crunch. filled with vanilla mousseline cream and topped with a pastry fondant. 



3 layers of our own biscuit almond joconde soaked with rich and flavorful espresso. Filled with a Belgian chocolate ganache and rich espresso mousseline cream.


Pear Cake

2 layers of vanilla genoise filled with caramel mousseline cream and pears decorating the sides of the naked cake, finished with an apricot / espresso glaze.


Raspberry Mousse

Layers of vanilla genoise surrounded with homemade ladyfingers, filled with our deliciously fresh raspberry mousse and fresh raspberries. 


Red Velvet

3 layers of cocoa red velvety soft cake, filled and covered with our special frosting consisting of cream cheese, mascarpone and fresh whipped cream.


Strawberries and Cream

Our twist on strawberry shortcake. 2 layers of vanilla genoise with fresh bavarian whipped cream and filled the freshest strawberries showing their beautiful colors. Exposing the sides in a naked cake style. Dusted with powdered sugar.



Layers of espresso soaked vanilla genoise and homemade ladyfingers are the base for this mascarpone egg mixture. With a hint of annisette and chocolate shavings between the layers, surrounded with ladyfingers. 


We make special flavored cakes by special order in different sizes. All cakes serve as an individual or serve hundreds. For wedding cakes, party cakes, celebrations or for just because cakes. We can keep it simple or go all out with special fondant designs. Our Chefs are talented and very artistic. Check out the photos on our website, facebook and instagram. 


Thank you!


Enjoy Life, Eat Chocolate! (tm)


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